What my website is about


Hello people,

I just want to briefly tell you what caraartistry.com is about.

Here, I’d basically just be sharing random thoughts that pop in my head. Yes, Cara Artistry is a business, but behind the business is a person and I want you to get to know her, but don’t worry, I’d definitely drop makeup tips that i find to be USEFUL and APPLICABLE, links to possible makeup and hairstyling sites (videos) that may be helpful, YouTube videos (with references of course) and a lot more, I’d also be sharing some of my personal makeup routines and hairstyles, and also a few of my holy grail products.

So please run down here as often as you can, I’d definitely have new content up every week. Thank you guys so much.

The Beginning… again.

What I’ve come to realize is, no matter how much I try to act like I don’t need people or I don’t want them around me, the truth is, I do need them and I really would like the affirmation of the few people I open myself up to. Ok so, I’ve had this website for over a year, as seen by my last post, but I’ve given so many excuses as to why it was not up and running… I don’t have time, I don’t have money to pay for a domain name… but the thing is, circumstances will almost never align in your favour when you want to start something, you just have to start from somewhere, anywhere. So I’m starting… again. And I really hope the few people around me would be supportive and help promote my brand. Cara Artistry.


Cara’s note.

Hello people, so today i’m officially launching the Cara Artistry website 😄after months and months of procrastination😩. I won’t call this a makeup blog because it’ll be very different from any makeup blog you’ve ever seen, so let’s just call it an outburst of creativity. So keep up and let your creative juices flow…(if you were wondering, no, cara is not my real name. It’s just my sassy alter ego).