Makeup Training Programmes

Training Courses

Cara Artistry offers 3 major intensive training courses.

These programmes run from a period of 3 days to 30 days depending on the course of choice

These courses are intended for professionals in the beauty industry or anyone else seeking to learn the principles of makeup or perfect their skills in an area.


    • Basic Makeup Course

      This is an introductory stage in makeup training. It is designed to meet the needs of a novice or starter or someone who would just like to learn the basics in makeup application.

      Here, students are introduced to facial structures which enable them to know the features on the face to be worked on and tools necessary for the trade.

      Students are also taught different options for eyebrow grooming, foundation shades/tones, skin care analysis, how to prepare the skin for makeup application, foundation routines and other makeup stages. Students will also learn looks ranging from nude, day to day and night makeup application.

      Added to the course is a complementary gele styling session.

    • Professional Makeup Course

      This course is to be undergone by students who want to build a career in makeup.

      The students specialize in professional methods of makeup application.They are exposed to corrective makeup (ageing, shading and highlighting), students will also learn shades and under tones, threading, which is a method the eyebrow, grooming, the flawless effect of airbrushing on brides and the application.

      They are also exposed to the act contouring the face, lips and eyes. And they are further trained on various gele styles.

    • Refresher Makeup Course

      This course is created for students that have learnt the art of makeup previously but would like to know current styles of application and enhance their skills further more.

      Here, students would be tested to help us better understand where you need upgrading and correction on but most of all it helps us understand your skills much better.

  • If interested please click here for a list of training fees